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Individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and couples therapy – custom designed for you.

Our counselors know that your life can improve even when you believe it can't. They know life is a marvel and life hurts. Read this site to see how we bring expertise, determination, and wise hearts to your problems.We have helped hundreds of lives. We are ready to help you.

What Does it Mean to Love Yourself?

To love yourself means you are generous. It does not mean you are selfish.

Good people can be so intent on being good to others they loose track of the main person in their care, the Self. The result is an emotional knot where they end up resentful that people don't appreciate, angry that others are not selfless, too, and guilty for feeling that way. When I tell a person to stand up for him or herself, the answer is often, "That sounds selfish!"

Here are 4 keys to turning that belief on its head. You can start to love yourself now:

  1. Respect begins at home. It means knowing your limits. The minute your generous act makes you resentful, you have gone too far. Say no. Then allow your own specialness in. Treat yourself the way you would treat a guest in your home.
  2. See yourself in the best light. Start by believing you are a good person. When you wish others would appreciate you, look in the mirror. Let you appreciate the goodness there. Self criticism is a waste.


Teen Therapy and its companion, Family Therapy, can make all the difference in starting on the road to a successful adulthood. Work it out before it gets worse.

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Our Teen and Family Specialists are

Julie DeFalco, LCSW, #2
Stephanie Nelson-Gerhardt, LMFT, #3
Lin Shi, Phd, LMFT #4
Deborah Miller-Lunsford, LCSW, #5
Maureen McKane, LCSW #1

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